Chapter 468

Blackrain World

In a wasteland where little red grass with serrated edges filled the seams of rocks, which were decorated with strange images of humanoid faces, droplets of black rainwater generated within the cracks in the ground, quickly rose, and rained into the horizon.

The rain here was actually black, and moved in the opposite direction.

A dim golden spiritual force seed lay atop a blade of red sawtooth grass, giving off spiritual force undulations and scanning the surroundings. Leylin admired the sight.

“In that case, I’ll name this place the “Blackrain World”. I never thought I’d be so lucky and find a plane without a protector, and I wasn’t even discovered…

“If Duke Gilbert found this place, he’d definitely go crazy in elation, right? However, it’s much too extravagant for me!”

A complete different plane represented boundless top-grade resources, as well as much information regarding different dimensions. It was more than sufficient to make a Morning Star Magus go insane in envy.

When it came to places...

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