Chapter 465


Sly old Leylin was definitely able to recognise the stifling feeling when a huge war was approaching.

It was not just the mood. The bustling activity in the trading hall, the bloody missions, what had happened when Leylin had last been dispatched, as well as the appearance of the Ancient Forbidden Clock at the Azure Mountain Auction event all alluded to Leylin’s premonitions being correct.

The military strength of the central continent far exceeded Leylin’s experience in the south coast and Twilight Zone. The moment Morning Star Magi began using their final techniques, the damages were devastating.

With such terrifying attacks, it was no longer just about harming innocent commoners. Even lower ranked Magi were nothing but cannon fodder!

As such, Leylin could no longer distance himself from the whirlpool of events.

The volcano that was connected to the Twilight Zone was currently filled with lava, and he was unwilling to abandon the Ouroboros Clan now. After all, he was happier with the lifestyle here.

“For a Morning Star to rise, many choose to pave their way with...

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