Chapter 464

Counting Spoils

Only after finishing with the plunder of Number 5’s body did Leylin turn his gaze upon the black mask, his expression grave.

“The coercion of the A.I. Chip cannot last a long time. Once it fades, the controller of these bugs will get the news right away…”

The powder he’d used on these stardust bugs would only work once; moreover, once the effect was gone, he was afraid that these bugs would still leak out all the information to the central control room.

Leylin could not allow this. Once he thought of the Morning Star Magus behind the scenes, he felt a chill.

Fortunately, the other side still did not know his identity, so as long as the proof could be wiped out clearly, chances were that he could escape notice.

Once he thought of that, a green flame fell on the mask, growing larger.

Explosions could be heard from the mask, so soft that one couldn’t hear them without the help of the A.I. Chip.

After confirming that the stardust bugs had all perished, Leylin burned the...

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