Chapter 462

Rob and Kill

Leylin had long guessed what Leo was thinking.

Since they had already dispatched stardust bugs to find out the background of all the guests, the Oakheart Family had probably done their fair share of killing and seizing treasure. They hadn’t been discovered only because they had concealed it well, and the targets they chose were mostly those without power and support.

What interested him more was the other party’s obvious desire for the Dark Elven Crown.

‘The concealing effect of this magical device has a large range. Although it is sufficiently extensive, for a Magus, a range that is too large might become a burden to them, making the concealing function less favourable.’ Leylin stroked his chin and squinted.

‘The only reason why this could attract Leo would be its use in war…’ Only a sneak attack in such a wide area would be the place for this piece of magic equipment to be put to use.

Therefore, whatever purpose the other party had purchased this magic equipment for would be revealed soon. Leylin absolutely did not believe what he...

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