Chapter 461


Leylin noticed that after those two Magi left, a few others in the cave had secretly followed along. Under the enormous temptation, it was evident that Magi did not mind being robbers every once in awhile.

‘It’s a pity that compared to the Oakheart clan, your methods are too cheap…’ Leylin sighed and glanced up at the stage once more.

When the Magus left the stage, another black ball of light streaked over to the position. A friendly male voice sounded, “Ladies and gentlemen, what I shall now display is…”

Leylin watched on detachedly. The items on display were on a whole other level compared to the auction, and there were many precious items, some of which could even be said to have already been lost to time.

The prices of these medicines were lower. Most Magi demanded that their items be exchanged for other items, and they were even willing to trade for lower-levelled materials.

There were few Magi who were like the one before, agreeing to trade for any item, and even agreeing...

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