Chapter 460


“You're in charge of this. The opponent is merely a Magus at the Crystal Phase; with your secret guards, you must take him down,” the Azure Mountain King spoke nonchalantly.

“Understood, Grandfather!” The chieftain nodded before bowing and leaving.

After acquiring all the information, he would first let these fugitives dispose of their goods before he went forth to hunt them down and receive the bounty. This method of taking advantage of both parties was not a foreign concept to him.

If wealth was being accumulated quickly, it would usually involve bloodshed. Even if the Azure Mountain King was a Morning Star Magus, the Oakheart Clan would not have been able to develop so quickly without these methods.

The Oakheart chieftain’s heart was aflame as he impatiently arrived at a control room, rubbing his fingers. “How many Morning Star Magi will come to the anonymous barter this time? I”m looking forward to it…”

“This is the central control room. Commanding all daughter elements to transmit gathered images,” he pressed a crystal...

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