Chapter 458

Blood Duchess

“This is an astral stone. The base price is set at 200 million magic crystals, and every increment set at a minimum of 1 million. You may use resources of equal value to make up any difference! Let the auction begin.”

The presenter waved his hand and the huge screen in front of Leylin lit up immediately in bright colors.

Watching the numbers on the screen clambering up bit by bit, Leylin’s mouth curved into a bitter smile.

His guess had come true; this astral stone was one of the three most valuable items up for auction. The price had soared to an outrageous amount.

It looked like he did not have enough magic crystals at the moment and would need to sell some of his resources.

Leylin was glad that he had no lack of good materials on him. Were he to sell them all, he would still qualify to join the bid.

“1 billion magic crystals!” Leylin immediately yelled his bid with an announcement device in the hopes of scaring off the rest.

“1.1 billion magic crystals!” Another bid was heard immediately. It came from VIP lounge 1. Although no other announcements were made after the first,...

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