Chapter 457


“What a pity…” Leylin sighed. If he was willing to use up all of his magic crystals, and sell a few more precious materials on top of that, he would stand a chance in bidding for the Wing of the Sun. Even though that was good, it did not quite fit his requirements as his main intentions were still to obtain the astral stone.

However, if Duke Gilbert was here, he would be willing to offer a sky-high price for the Wing of the Sun, even if was only going to be useful for research!

A higher-ranked bloodline as well as a top-notch meditation technique! These were temptations that a Warlock would easily succumb to.

Upon getting hold of this precious object, they must have exhausted all possible methods until it was no longer possible to exploit the bloodline of the Sun’s Child, before reluctantly putting it up for auction. If not, they would never have minded transforming into a Warlock family.

As far as Leylin was aware, there wasn’t a single Warlock Family on the central continent that could reach rank 6. In other words, if one was really able to combine...

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