Chapter 456

Wing of the Sun

Behind the introductions were several other rows, each describing the items following the first.

“...... Now, please allow me to present the first item of this year’s auction: a treasure produced from the Fiery World, the Fiery Gemstone!” The host announced loudly, lifting the gauze from the tray behind him at the same time.

*Boom!* In a flash, 3 pieces of translucent crystal emerged before Leylin’s eyes. An unceasing flame seemed to be burning in the cores of the crystals.

“Treasures from another plane!”

Numerous Magi gasped. In order to start off the auction successfully, the Azure Mountain auction house had indeed put in much effort. Evidently, the first auction item was unexpected for many of them.

“The Fiery Gemstone is rumoured to be a treasure of the central Blazing World. Containing heavily compressed fire elemental particles, it can help break through and upgrade a fire-attributed Magus’ spiritual endowments, and is even an essential item the advancements of many high-grade fire elemental meditation techniques…” the host continued.

However, very few spared...

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