Chapter 455

The Watcher and The Ladybird

“Since that is what Sir Blood Rogue wants, of course it's possible!” This was a small matter, and the rules were flexible enough to accommodate it. Furthermore, Serene wanted to attempt roping in Leylin, so naturally she would give him due respect.

In actual fact, even if Leylin’s quota was full but he still wanted to bring more people, Serene would agree to it.

After all, in her eyes, a Potions Grandmaster was of a much higher status than the Rolithe Family, which only had a single Hydro Phase Magus.

“Really? Thank you so much, Sir!” Nolan immediately expressed his delight. He, of course, did not recognise Leylin who had changed his disguise, and bowed with Jessia.

“Many thanks…” Jessia was slightly reluctant, but she bowed anyway, still feeling wronged.

“Alright!” Leylin nodded in a reserved manner, and was about to enter the auction venue.

“Hold on! Dear friend, my name is Vance Rolithe! Thank you so much for this!” The old man by the name of Vance had been standing by the side, waiting for Leylin to start walking...

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