Chapter 454

The Commencement of the Auction

“What does Sir need?” Serene beamed while asking.

A Potions Grandmaster was hard to come by, and even the Azure Mountain auction house would spare no effort to entice him.

If the other party had any requests, that would be easy to handle! In the central continent, there were few things a Morning Star Magus could not do.

“The reason why I came to the Azure Mountain auction this time round was because I want to acquire a precious resource. My sources tell me that said resource is going to be sold here…” Leylin said without a hurry.

“Is Sir trying to ask about the details of the seller before completing the transactions?” Serene’s face revealed her dilemma, “What is it? If it’s about the few rare items, we, the Azure Mountain auction committee is unable to make any decisions!”

Leylin laughed and whispered a few words into Serene’s ears.

“You actually want... ” Serene’s pupils widened, before she instantly smiled wryly.

“Those things are too hard to come by. Even...

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