Chapter 453

The Auction House and Serene

“As long as it is verified by our appraiser, any items estimated to be worth over a hundred thousand magic crystals can be sold in the auction! May I ask if you need appraisal services?” The servant blurted out, almost as if by reflex. It was obvious that she’d said this multiple times before. It seemed like he was not the first person coming up to host something for auction.

“Bring me there!” Leylin answered concisely. Soon after, he followed the servant and came before a few customized cubicles.

As he was passing through, he even sensed the spell formation that was buried under the ground as well as the concealed runes on the wall. The security in here was much tighter than the outside, with even a rank 3 Magus keeping watch.

They came up to a room that was a reception area, and the servant respectfully invited Leylin to take a seat. “Customer, please wait a moment, I will get the appraiser here immediately to serve you!”

“Alright!” Leylin nodded, his eyes following the young woman as she exited.

After a short period of time, the door...

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