Chapter 452

Azure Mountain and the Couple

Azure Mountain City, situated beside the Andius mountains, was the ancestral territory of the Oakheart Clan.

The Andius mountains were rich in natural minerals, something that made the alloy produced by Azure Mountain City, with its superior quality, one of the most desirable in the entire continent.

In fact, Leylin had even visited this place himself once to source the materials for his own Magus Tower.

With excellent smelting techniques coupled with rich and plentiful natural resources, the Oakheart Clan had superior control over auctions, accumulating an outrageous amount of wealth.

The original name of the progenitor of the Oakheart Clan had long fallen out of the public mind, but his title still remained to this date. He was the powerful and brilliant Azure Mountain King!

Indeed, the progenitor of the Oakheart Clan was the well-known Azure Mountain King, the famed and almighty Morning Star Magus.

The intimidating nature of this Morning Star Magus served as a warning to other vicious and hateful Magi not to...

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