Chapter 451

Fatality’s Tip

‘Rumour has it that after a rank 3 Magus enters the Crystal Phase, they undergo a phenomenal change and experience an exponential increase in strength. From the looks of it, that might just be true!’ Leylin stared at the Crimson Throne behind Toram, a solemn expression on his face.

Originally, his own force field had enveloped hers and suppressed it to the point of near destruction. Now, though, it had expanded greatly, especially the huge crimson throne. It seemed almost corporeal, and the power it was emitting had somewhat exceeded that of his terrifying force field.

“Haha, this is great. Just the kind of opponent I wanted!” This was the first time Leylin had felt pressure on the battlefield yet he was smiling, evidently pleased.

The opponent he’d wanted to go up against was precisely Toram, who’d experienced a huge increase in her spiritual force and had broken through to the Crystal Phase.

“Alright! Let’s see the real strength of a Magus in the Crystal Phase!” Leylin felt feverish...

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