Chapter 449

A Test

An incorporeal ‘death-god’ had solemnly descended on the rebel camp.

On the ground, innumerable rank 1 and 2 Magi started collapsing with their acolytes in tow, dying despite multiple layers of protection, potions, magic artifacts and other defenses.

Even the surrounding buildings were not spared. They creaked and swayed as they crumbled down like sand faced with water.

Formless toxic ripples took aim at the three rank 3 Magi in the air and started attacking them, leaving them helpless as they watched their apprentices and the other members of their organisations fall.

With a single attack, except for a handful of Magi who managed to escape using their secret treasures, the rest had been turned into corpses that decayed rapidly.

“YOU!” Toram roared as she rushed ahead.

The terrifying power of a Kemoyin Warlock’s toxic attacks was common knowledge. However, Leylin’s ability had reached a level that allowed him to exterminate nearly everything on the ground, which was abnormal.

This attack of his was sudden and unexpected, which resulted in huge losses. Witnessing the deaths of their...

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