Chapter 448


“Master! You may have overestimated my ability. Even with all of my men added up, we wouldn’t be a match for Toram…” Tamansi forced a smile.

He believed it necessary to clear things up with Leylin. Even if he was a royal and a special agent from the clan, he couldn’t just sacrifice himself for him.

“Your men?” Leylin was rendered speechless. With such weak Magi and acolytes, they wouldn’t even be able to break through the spell formation.

It was of no consequence, though. Tamansi was in charge of intelligence, he did not have high hopes regarding their fighting strength.

“Just look after your men, I’ll take care of the rest!” he replied coldly before floating up.

Suddenly, a powerful and chilling surge of mountainous energy filled the entire place.

“Th- Th- This!” Tamansi stared hard at Leylin, eyes bulging. The energy he’d felt from Leylin before was similar to his own, but he had suddenly burst forth like a ferocious creature.

The terrifying undulations of Leylin’s...

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