Chapter 447

Arm of Vengeance

In the past Robin, being one of Gilbert’s students, was very popular. He was very patient, meticulous and was capable of making people feel comfortable with his presence alone. Hence, he was able to hold a high position, somewhat alike to a supervisor, in the clan.

He had changed ever since he entered the Crystal Phase, though. His temper went foul and he lost his position and did nothing but idle all day long. Upon recalling this matter, Leylin couldn’t help but feel saddened at the thought.

Leylin entered the villa, and met Duke Gilbert in the study.

Gilbert’s face did not change at all, not a strange of facial hair nor visible pores which made him look as smart as ever. With all these combined with his shiny and smooth head, he did look a little sly and terrifying.

Yet to Leylin, Gilbert was a good mentor who strived his hardest to teach him. Hence, he bowed to the man respectfully and told him the reason for his arrival.

“It’ll be nice to take a trip outside!” Gilbert leaned against the couch, beverage...

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