Chapter 445

Precipitation And Strength

After seeing what happened, the Kobolds bound in the center huddled up together, fearful of the demonic Leylin.

Looking at the fear in their eyes, Leylin nodded his head, “The rest of the experiments look alright!”

The fear represented sanity, which meant they were still worth keeping alive. These Kobolds being here was naturally Tanasha’s handiwork.

After receiving Leylin’s order, not only had she collected a large amount of high-grade Kobold blood, she had even captured a group of captives and sent them to Leylin.

In the midst of working on Quicksand’s bloodline experiments, Leylin gladly accepted these gifts with pleasure and used them in his research.

Right now, the results were rather positive.

Leylin looked at the rest who were bound in the center. Their general was well-built at over two metres of solid muscle covered with a dense layer of scales. The horn on his head was also thick and bulky.

“I did not expect the rumors about the Kobolds possessing the giant dragon bloodline to be true after all…” Leylin took out a tube of golden blood from his pouc...

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