Chapter 444


After settling the troublesome matters, Leylin’s life sank into complete serenity.

Everyday, other than meditating at fixed times and using the Lamia fingerbone’s radiation to mature his own bloodline, he was cooped up in the laboratory. He had already completely recovered the information on bloodline combinations. Besides that, he would patrol his territory and mentor Snoopy on occasion.

Such peaceful days were hard to come by. With the passage of time, his strength was slowly increasing, and was something worthy of rejoicing over.

Before anyone knew it, Leylin’s authority had been firmly set in place in his territory. The gigantic Onyx Castle towered on this piece of land, becoming the nucleus of power in this world. With the years rolling by, it left its mark on history.

Apart from being indestructible, the castle now had some history to it, which was something only the castles of true nobility could accumulate.

The only constant was the huge Magus...

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