Chapter 443

Living in Seclusion

Compared to those warlocks who were talented but had no background, Leylin was much more extravagant.

With the A.I. Chip in his hands, his learning and operating abilities were far better than other common Magi.

These in turn resulted in increased productivity, allowing him to earn sufficient resources for his practice and research.

Hence, he did not need to look for support from a large clan like other Magi did in order to obtain the required supplies, academic knowledge and so on. However, due to the many secrets he had, he had no choice but to stay alone as much as possible and conceal his secrets in the darkness.

As such, until now, he had never once thought of finding a partner. Those times when he slept with women were only to have fun, or to satiate his needs. If Freya used the Hall’s jewel to seduce him, that would be a headache for him.

Luckily, he now had in his hands something that she needed urgently, and things would not get so complicated.

Moreover, although the bloodline crystal could not eradicate the issue of the other clan’s bloodline weakening,...

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