Chapter 441


Leylin holed himself inside the Magus Tower after its completion.

This was because the elemental particle concentration here far surpassed that of the outside, allowing his spiritual force to grow much. Furthermore, there were many high-level experiments that could only be done in the Magus Tower. Many of his previous theories could finally be put to the test.

More importantly, the Magus Tower could block out the probing of high-ranked Magi, turning into an elusive location which could hide Leylin’s many secrets.

With those factors coming into play, it was natural that Leylin almost never left the tower, and had neglected both sleep and food to focus on his meditation practice and research.

Many top-notch results had been actualised with the A.I Chip’s assistance, which had increased Leylin’s own knowledge reserves.

In the gigantic library, Snoopy was trying his best to chain up a hysterical, screaming copper-coloured book that had pages filled with fangs, and properly settled it on a bookshelf made of black pinewood.

The library...

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