Chapter 440


The moment Leylin used the Lamia fingerbone and fused with it, her remaining memory fragments would also fuse into his Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline, secretly lurking within.

When the time was right, the Lamia’s sea of consciousness would burst forth. How could Leylin be a match for her?

It was not just the large gap between them in terms of their knowledge and experience. The inborn control in terms of his bloodline, as well as issues of how she would try to gain dominance over him would definitely put Leylin at death’s door.

Having thought this through, Leylin’s murderous intent towards the Lamia was at its boiling point.

However, he had not flared up but instead, pretended that he knew nothing. He waited till the Magus Tower was built, and once his most capable subordinate, Tanasha was at his side and increased his power to the maximum, he then lashed out on his home ground.

It looked like it had been a good idea to be so meticulous. If not, his opponent could have easily taken care of him.


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