Chapter 439

Deceit Seen Through

The Forgotten Land was very infertile and could be said to be a desert of the Magus world. Magi who travelled there were all fugitives who had been driven to desperation in the central continent.

Of course, Tanasha was no different. If her identity was exposed, it was not just her, but also Leylin who would be in deep trouble.

“No, I have been very careful so far. I didn’t leave behind any information about my appearance or scent, and I did not use an airship!” she stated.

“Very well!” Leylin nodded. “Where are my things?”

“Right here!” A large black box appeared on the table with a swish of her hand.

Seeing the seal still perfectly untouched, Leylin gave a look of satisfaction. He opened the box, in which was a thick layer of soft white fur.

This was the King Blood Vulture’s feathers. It contained the miraculous ability to conceal a bloodline’s aura, and it had even fooled Leylin previously.

After brushing these white feathers aside, the energy waves of many bloodline treasures radiated out, surprising Tanasha.

A mountain...

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