Chapter 438

Tower Genie #1

Of course, with how much of his wealth Leylin had expended on this, the power of the activation spell was not to be belittled.

A circle of sparkling starlight shrouded the tower. Numerous runes flickered in sync and breathed at the same rate, as if having lives of their own.

A faint blue figure began to form in front of Leylin. “Master, this tower genie is here to serve you!”

This tower genie had been branded by Leylin’s spiritual force upon its birth.

In addition, it was one with the Magus Tower, and could help Leylin take care of any minute details that might be difficult to find.

“Alright. Here’s my first mission. Accept this and fuse with it!” A blue seed shot out from between Leylin’s eyebrows and quickly entered the blue tower genie’s figure.

A multitude of data flowed across the tower genie’s eyes, and a tremendous amount of complicated information even caused the newly-formed tower genie’s figure to flicker, as it eventually turned into a ball of light.

By the time everything had stabilised, the A.I. Chip’s robotic voice...

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