Chapter 437

Completing The Project

Upon hearing Leylin’s words, Gilbert stared blankly at him for a while, and then started laughing heartily. “I will accept your gift then!”

“Thank you, mentor!” Gratitude was apparent on Leylin’s face as he bowed.

“Sure! Of course, I wouldn’t simply just want to have your things for no reason; after all, Blood Vulture eggs from the ancient times are still very precious!” Gilbert lowered his head in thought.

“How about this? Aren’t you currently accumulating contribution points to buy the scroll that can inject life into constructs? I’ll make an exchange with you directly then; a sealed fourth-grade magic scroll would be sufficient to make up for these items!”

Gilbert swept his hand across the table top. The numerous bloodline treasures vanished, and a grey scroll covered in simple floral designs appeared.

“Thank you, Mentor!” Leylin received the scroll and expressed his thanks again, this time with more sincerity.

“Besides…” Gilbert glanced at Leylin’s ring and smiled.

Leylin scratched his head and displayed his embarrassment, knowing that Gilbert had discovered the items he had hidden in his spatial...

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