Chapter 436

Private Airship

“What exactly is going on?” Noah shook his head, still feeling slightly giddy.

“Demon Hunter Cyril tried to hinder us, but Mentor showed up in time to save us, as simple as that!” Kesha laughed bitterly.

The great name of Demon Hunter Cyril struck his ears like a peal of thunder. Rumour had it that this infamous, ferocious being would make even the most cunning devil burst out in tears, regretting that they were ever born into this world.

Simply thinking about falling into the hands of such a person had her breaking out in cold sweat.

“I should’ve thought of it earlier. Nefas, the city of sins, and the Forgotten Land are in close proximity and there are frequent interactions between their people. It is impossible that the forces in the Forgotten Land are not in contact with the Demon Hunter.” Robin’s face was full of remorse.

In actual fact, what he meant was that those forces were the other party’s lackeys. When they saw that they could not handle their group, they immediately informed their...

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