Chapter 435

Demon Hunter

“No matter the profits or losses, it is time to leave.”

Leylin nodded, approving of Robin’s suggestion.

He had gained quite a lot this time, and had long since had the inclination to leave. More importantly, his pursuer, Tanasha, had surrendered into his service. The Green-skinned Barbarian Magus was also heavily injured, and only after being extorted precious materials from was he released. As for the road that Robin had taken, it was evident that it had been disastrous.

These were Crystal Phase Magi! The three powers outside would probably be stamping their feet in anxiety.

By the time they reacted to the situation, Leylin and the others would probably be met with the joint attack from the three powers.

On Leylin’s end, the Black Horrall Snake Warlocks that Robin and Roya had brought were all dead, and those following Kesha were probably in a similar situation. Arcus, who Leylin had rescued, had not met with them here. This would only have happened if he had other plans, or he had met with some unexpected situation,...

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