Chapter 434


Kesha felt giddy, her head was spinning, but she soon fell into a strong embrace.

“Ley…Leylin!” She was taken aback and called out his name.

“Sister, it looks like you’re in a difficult situation!“ Leylin rubbed his nose and gently laid Kesha down. He then tossed a potion at her.

“This is a purifying potion, it can eliminate the curse energy from your body! Use it as soon as possible!”

“Thank you!” Kesha’s face glowed with a lovely smile. Having just escaped from death, she was especially touched.

“Wait up! That… Can you also give me one…?” The huge Green-skinned Barbarian Magus rolled over like a ball, and he was eager to please.

“Huh?” Leylin looked at Kesha.

“Give it to him! After all, we fought alongside each other!” Kesha nodded her head.

At this moment, countless black shadows exploded forth with a bang. Trenchcoat stood in the center, completely unharmed. He made eye contact with Leylin and started roaring.

“This kind of feeling, it isn’t a common hybrid curse. It’s a gene curse!” Leylin’s face grew absolutely serious.

The so-called gene curse was a...

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