Chapter 432


Rank 3 Magi were categorised into several stages. Leylin, at the Vapour Phase, could compress his spiritual force into a physical, observable fog.

On the other hand, Magi at the Crystal Phase could solidify their spiritual force, even preserving it to sell.

Spiritual force at the Crystal Phase had an unimaginable advantage against Vapour Phase spiritual force.

In other words, even if Leylin, Robin and Kesha had teamed up against Lucian, they wouldn’t be his match.

However, Tanasha’s spiritual force was exhausted long ago, including her Crystal Phase spiritual force crystals.

He wouldn’t be Leylin if he let such a good chance slip out of his hand.

Not only were Crystal Phase Magi powerful, they were considered nobles in the central continent due to their status as the reserve forces of Morning Star Magi.

Under usual circumstances, it was out of the question for Leylin to defeat Magi of this rank. Perhaps only Duke...

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