Chapter 431

The Hunt

*Chu!* The King Blood Vulture used its wings and fanned the two Blood Condors in its path away, flying into the sky.

A crimson beam of light struck down, and a shadow servant who could not dodge in time was shattered, scattering multiple bloodline treasures everywhere.

With the commanding high-pitched squawk, the flock of Blood Vultures now had a leader and their formation immediately changed. Many of them flew high into the sky and, like a web, began to circle the shadow servants, occasionally dropping down in attack.

Though this method was effective at killing many shadow servants, the remaining servants’ movements in looting them were much too quick. After paying the price of a large number of casualties, a portion of them still broke out.

*Chu!* The King Blood Vulture roared, bringing with it multiple Blood Vultures as it gave chase.

“Found you!” Leylin met with the person who were chasing after him.

It was a ginger female Magus. Her body was curvy, a golden headband rested on her forehead, and her...

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