Chapter 430


The illusion that surfaced was that of an astonishingly beautiful young woman. Her hair was like a sea of emerald green with light curls, flying in the wind like it had a life of its own.

She possessed a pair of mesmerising eyes, coupled with a delicate yet puzzling charm to her face. To Leylin’s surprise, she gave him a baffling sense of familiarity.

Especially after the complete materialisation of the illusion, Leylin’s blood vessels generated a sense of fear, as if he had met a natural enemy. Yet, he felt an amiability within her that tempted him to throw himself into the arms of the woman regardless of everything.

“Lamia?” There were agony and bitterness in Leylin’s tone. From how called out to him just now, he managed to guess some things.

The similarity in temperament and looks between her and the Snake Dowager was especially striking.

The Lamia shared the same bloodline as the Snake Dowager. In fact, it had an even more direct line of descent compared to the Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Thus, on the whole, they could be considered siblings with blood relations.


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