Chapter 429

Spirit Body

In the face of the Eye of Petrification, the man in the trenchcoat suddenly froze and an ash grey coat of stone formed across the surface of his body.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!* His entire being turned into a giant statue and particles of dust fell endlessly from him.

“Icy Blades!” Under the manipulation of the Green-skinned Barbarian, numerous blades formed a tornado, enclosing the statue within as eerie noises rang constantly.

Moments later, the blades dispersed and the statue that once stood there had vanished, leaving behind a bed of fragmented rocks.

“It’s finally over...” The Green-skinned Barbarian heaved a sigh of relief.

“No, not yet!” Kesha laughed bitterly instead.

Soon after, to his terror, the Green-skinned Barbarian saw the fragmented rocks explode, exposing pieces of flesh within.

Many of them grew tentacles and started amalgamating to reform the man in the black trenchcoat from before. Even a single tear could not be seen on his clothes.

“Goddammit!” The Green-skinned Barbarian cursed, “Where in the world did you infuriate this darned thing? Not only is it immune to spells, even physical attacks...

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