Chapter 427

Entering the Nest


Upon seeing the blood fluids, the Blood Vulture’s eyes shot our rays of excitement as it started to shriek hysterically. A blood-coloured glow shone from his body.

Concurrently, large amounts of fresh blood spewed out of the Snake-Necked Turtle’s neck like water from a fountain. It coagulated in mid-air and eventually formed lumps of blood clot which were swallowed by the Blood Vulture.


Soon after, the Blood Vulture stretched out its long sharp black claws, and easily lifted the shell of the Snake-Necked Turtle. Using its claws, it separated the fresh flesh into segments of meat and started devouring the meat. His motions were smooth, as he nonchalantly ate a Snake-Necked Turtle in front of its counterparts.

The majestic beast presented a perfect combination of grace and bloodshed.

“Moooooo...” As they watched their companion being brutally murdered, the rest of the Snake-Necked Turtles mourned but did not dare to take a step outside the lake.

Leylin quietly watched this scene and maintained a neutral expression.

That was but...

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