Chapter 426

Blood Vulture

Leylin guessed that this animal was the bottom of the ecosystem’s food chain. That was the only way for this cycle to have been sustained through the ages.

After all, this was just an ecological garden, not a pocket dimension full of resources. As big as it was, it could not support the entire ecosystem on its own. The organisms here had apparently established their own ecosystem in the absence of the researchers.

*Groan!* A deep howl sounded out and Leylin instantly hid himself, watching the new creature draw near.

This creature looked somewhat similar to the Snake-Necked Dragons, but what gave him the chills was its enormous black shell, barbed with spikes. It made the thing look indestructible.

Its head stood out in a stark contrast; as opposed to its humongous body, it was tiny with two small bumps at the back of it. It also had a long nose which produce the howling previously.

Booms rang out with every step, creating...

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