Chapter 425

Ecological Garden

Leylin looked into the information the A.I. Chip had previously recorded.

The three powers had been hanging around for a long time, and they had definitely obtained a few useful items.

Based on Dominic’s information, Quicksand Castle was far larger than it looked on the outside. It was practically a gigantic maze.

The numerous rooms outside were the first layer of defense.

If they did not leave on time, they would travel through countless rooms and later be trapped inside till their death.

The mark of the second layer would first be this illusory corridor.

With the dim yellow lighting, Leylin looked through the decorations in the corridor.

The two walls were mostly white, with some strange patterns of flowers and plants, but there were no portraits of humans. The red carpet on the ground extended until the end of the corridor, with not a speck of dust in sight.

“This drawing technique?” Leylin touched his chin. “It has the style of the ancient era. Looks like it...

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