Chapter 424

Quicksand Castle

“I have already check the maps and the symbols thoroughly. The copies he gave were real. It is exactly the same as in his memory….”

“That’s good!” Leylin glanced at Dominic who was lying dead on the ground whose sea of consciousness was still sealed.

“What do we do with him?”

“Throw the body out. He only co-operated because of the promise to spare his life.” Robin spoke indifferently, as if talking about garbage.

Every word and action of a rank 3 Magus carried with it a terrifying energy. Hence, the pacts they made, even if mere verbal agreements, would be like binding.

Of course, to Robin and Leylin, Dominic was no threat, therefore whether he was killed or spared made little difference to the bigger picture.

“Alright then!” Kesha summoned a yellow sand puppet which lifted Dominic from the ground and ran off to a distance.

“Hmm! Now, let’s take a look at the arrangements in the Quicksand Castle!”

After occupying the original camp, Leylin and company chose one of the rooms and assembled together. They spread out a map on a big round table.

This was what the...

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