Chapter 423


A small white bird landed, and Kesha opened her shut eyes. “From the energy fluctuations at that end, they have, at most, a Hydro Phase Magus overseeing them. What do we do?”

”Even though they have received some information related to us, it isn’t too risky to just barge in. We still have to obtain some sort of guide or map of the area to explore it, though...…”

Robin let out a deep sigh, “My subordinates only acquired a part of the information about the outermost region. They have no clue as to the internal structure of Quicksand Castle…”

”Even if it’s a trap, the opponent’s teams have been trapped in the sculptured spell formation. Even if there was a trap set up, they would not have much manpower!” Leylin stoked his chin as he stated this assumption.

”In that case, we have nothing to be afraid of!” Robin’s laughed sardonically.

Having been chased after by their opponents for such a long time, almost to the extent of being chased out of the pocket dimension, he held a lot...

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