Chapter 422

The Sun’s Child

“So what now? Do we continue our chase?”

Upon hearing the howl of the Barbarian Bear, the huge monster had already returned to its original state and was currently lying on the floor, depressed.

“Or we could simply destroy this entrance!” the golden-furred Barbarian Bear proposed.

“Are you mad? It would be a waste to destroy such a good pocket dimension. Nobody will agree to it!” The Green-skinned Barbarian shook his head and continued: “Besides, those Magi can completely escape from other small cracks. This is such a silly plan!”

The Barbarian Bear groaned coldly, revealing a big flag on his back.

“Alright! Alright, currently we are allies and we need to discuss as to how we will handle our enemies!” said the human Magus as he was stuck in between the Green-skinned Barbarian and the Barbarian Bear.

“What else can we do? If we have no intentions of letting our enemies mindlessly plunder from our pocket dimension, then we must send people in! But you’ve seen their strength, we’d be sending them to their deaths!” The Green-skinned...

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