Chapter 421

Sudden Entry

Battles between Potions Masters depended most on their accumulated knowledge and recipes.

For instance, had Leylin not recognised the type of potion that the Green-skinned Barbarian was using, it might have been a hindrance to him.

The winner was determined by who managed to see through the other party’s setup.

When it came to all this information, how could the Green-skinned Barbarian match up to Leylin, who possessed the A.I. Chip?

“You-” The opposite Green-skinned Barbarian’s fingers began to shake, evidently in fear.

“What? Are you planning to use the Star-traced amulet and activate the Icy Frost Potion above your waist, or are you going to use the Corrosive Poison Arrow Potion at your back?”

Leylin measured up this Green-skinned Barbarian, obviously ridiculing it.

“Oh! No, I think you’re doing this as a cover for you to activate your Wind Spirit’s Fury under your feet!”

All sorts of expressions crossed the opposite Green-skinned...

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