Chapter 420

Being Discovered

Leylin and Kesha were both unemotional, knowing that it was not the time for any disputes. Their opportunity was fleeting, and could not be wasted.

Approximately ten seconds later, everyone entered Shadow Stealth and left.

A huge formidable energy undulation suddenly broke through the spell and created a violent explosion, just like a prominent bonfire in the darkness of the night.

Of course, this was intentionally set up by Leylin and company.

And with the continuous transmission of the energy undulations, some brilliant rays shone in their direction…

“We’re here! This is the furthest we can go, any further and we might alert the alarms that were set up, even in Shadow Stealth. The spell has too many defects that can be probed.

Robin led everyone into a hiding spot and then stopped his steps.

Leylin looked over and from where he stood, he was able to see to the bottom of the flowing river, In the middle of which was a huge whirlpool. The continuously whirling water sparkled on occasion, and some green Barbarian...

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