Chapter 419

An Unexpected Situation

“What happens after we enter the pocket dimension? Are we going to be working together or alone?” Leylin asked unhurriedly from the side, taking a bite of the roast meat.

Kesha was gazing at Robin attentively. The reason she was here was due to the temptation of the precious materials in the pocket dimension. It was natural not to choose to work together.

“You can do as you wish!” Robin answered without hesitation.

“I have a general topographic map here, but it lacks a lot of information. Take a look!” Robin had evidently made preparations earlier and produced two maps, giving one each to Kesha and Leylin.

“Of course, after we get everything, I hope we can discuss or perhaps exchange a few things. If anyone here plans to sell their precious materials, the other two shall have the preemptive right to purchase them!” Robin was very thoughtful, and since Kesha and Leylin had no issues with that, they both nodded.


A snaking river flowed out from underground, the sound of surging...

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