Chapter 418

The Kobolds

Maybe that was why the Forgotten Land was not overtaken by the Magi. Otherwise, the barriers between dimensions would not deter against the greed of Magi!

There were, of course, a handful of rare species who voluntarily entered the Forgotten Land to escape the grip of the Magi, however rare the cases might be.

The Magi here were so few in number that Leylin only caught a glimpse of one in all this time. And it wasn’t without the aid of his A.I. Chip that he could make out some of his features.

The said Magus was a mature male with peculiar scales embedded in his face — probably the result of a mutation.

With the unexpected negligence of Robin, however, he fled at the speed of light upon noticing Leylin’s group.

The concentration of energy particles continued to drop drastically as time passed and the group headed further into the Forgotten Land. Often, there was no soul in sight.

Those they did come across were mostly some rare species or exiled Magi who couldn’t survive in the central continent.

More often...

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