Chapter 417

Potion Combination

A boundless barren wasteland.

Gales howled, sending the dust hurtling through the air to cover the sky, forming a thick haze.

In this land, twelve Warlocks were hurrying along on a special giant lizard.

“This is the Forgotten Land after all. Look at how sparse the elemental particles are here!” Leylin glanced at the statistics that the A.I. Chip gave him and shook his head. Even compared to the south coast and Twilight Zone this place was too poor. Not only was the land barren, even the elemental particles were scarce. It was no wonder that Magi and other races only chose to live here if they’d run out of options.

Leylin believed that were it not for his ancestral map, even Kubler would have been forced to hang around this place.

“Regular fugitives can just flee to the Nefas, it is the city of sins after all. From the perspectives of other Magi in the central continent, going to Nefas City is akin to banishment. Only those that are truly evil who could no longer stay in their own cities and are being...

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