Chapter 415

The Descendants’ Issue

Leylin and company’s departure did not rouse much commotion in the Ouroboros Clan.

Warlocks did not spend all their time on research. Adventuring and the exploration of pocket dimensions were also deemed normal for them. Due to their longevity, even were they to disappear for a few years, their absence would be inconspicuous.

The twelve rank 3 Warlocks moderated the horrifying radiation and energy undulations on their bodies and went under the guise of a regular troop of adventurers from the central continent. Discreetly, they all boarded an airship at a city not far from Phosphorescence Swamp.

Standing on board the deck, Leylin fell silent as he looked at the illustrious symbol of the Fallor Family splashed across the body of the airship,

“They are indeed the rulers of the skies. They single-handedly dominate and monopolize the entirety of aerial transport in the central continent!” From the bottom of his heart, Leylin sighed without any inhibitions.

“What are you looking at?”

A whiff of perfume and seconds later, Kesha walked over,...

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