Chapter 41

Making Purchases

Leylin did not feel the slightest bit odd. Despite any pretenses, the atmosphere in the academy was very different with such a huge war imminent. Besides, a large number of talented Magus acolytes going missing would definitely rouse the attention of others as well.

Moreover, the academy didn’t seem to want to hide this news. After all, they would still be relying on the official Magi for the upcoming battle, and these acolytes would not be of much help at all.

Those that were left behind would definitely be those with the lowest aptitude and levels, only there to be used as cannon fodder.

“Mentor Harosi has already cleared out the area around the school of Beastmen and any creatures who would pose a problem. They have been all reduced to skeletons by spells, especially the Beastmen, and their souls have been trapped in their bodies to suffer for eternity……”

Leylin gave a slight nod of his head. It seems like the vicinity of the academy was safe for the moment.

“How about the other Magus potentials?”

“Very troublesome! According to the news that my other sisters have gathered, many of the acolytes with high aptitudes, including Chester and Sherpa, have all left the academy for various reasons. I'm afraid that it won't be much longer before this news spreads……What did you find out?”

“My senior, Merlin, already left a few months ago! Furthermore, I, too, will take on a mission and leave soon!”

Leylin blandly spoke of the news he had gathered, and this made Neela’s face turn even paler.

“What about you? What are your plans?” Leylin still asked her at the end.

“I plan to return to my family. You know, although my Welter family is not very famous, we are still able to take care of ourselves. Do you want to come with me?” Neela clearly wanted to rope in a talent like Leylin for her family.

“No thanks! I have made plans for myself already!” Leylin smiled, turning her down. He would be subjected to various contracts and restrictions if he joined a family. However, he had too many secrets and was not suited to having an entourage.

The light in Neela’s eyes dimmed. Leylin also knew that their relationship had come to an end. After all, they had just been enjoying themselves, but going their separate ways now, in a time of crisis, was very normal.

“There is still something that I have to ask of you!” Leylin took out a black-coloured wooden box and placed it on the dining table.

“What is it?” Neela smiled, but it seemed rather forced.

He opened the black box. Many potions in test tubes were neatly arranged inside, and the sight dazzled Neela’s eyes.

“This is…...” Neela’s mesmerising eyes let off an astonished look.

“These are the potions that I have accumulated until now. Help me sell them off!” Despite crossing his fingers, Leylin’s expression remained calm.

Of course, this was only a small portion of the potions that he had secretly brewed. Saying that it was his accumulation after a year was reasonable; their total value was several hundred magic crystals.

Letting Neela sell them for him was because Leylin didn’t want to be conspicuous. On the other hand, it also provided her with a little compensation.

After all, a trace of chauvinism still remained, deep in his heart. Breaking up would require him to give some form of compensation at least, and letting Neela be the middleman gave her a chance to earn some profits.

“No problem! Right now, the values of the various ingredients and spell models have fallen sharply, while potions and low-grade magic artifacts have drastically risen in price.” Neela’s eyes flashed.

This was a normal occurrence. Spell models and other materials would definitely decrease in price whenever war was imminent, as they could not be used to improve one’s practical strength immediately. As for the other items that are able to raise one’s battle strength, they would be in high demand.

“After selling these potions, just give me 300 magic crystals for them!” Leylin sipped the hot cocoa which had been resting on the table.

Neela’s expression was a little complicated, “Of course it’s possible. In fact, my family could just buy them all! Do you have more? I can let my family know and give you a fair deal……”

“These are all the potions I have accumulated in the past year! You should know, I still need to rely on selling potions to obtain resources. If not for the market doing well right now, I wouldn't let them all go in one breath like I am doing now!” Leylin’s expression seemed extremely earnest.

“Alright! I will do my best to help you!” Neela understood. In her eyes, Leylin brewing these potions nonstop and having such a collection was already the limit with his current ability.

As the two of them had their own worries, the meal that followed was not very appetising for the both of them.

After the meal, Neela hurriedly bade farewell to Leylin. Leylin entrusted some people to bring a few messages to the people that he mixed well with as well. He did not mention any details and only gave them subtle hints. Whether or not they could uncover the plot was all up to them.

Neela was extremely fast, and she handed Leylin a pouch of magic crystals the very next day.

After giving it some thought, Leylin decided it was better to spend his magic crystals while he was still at the academy. After all, he might not be able to find a trading depot outside, and even if he did, the resources there may not be as complete as what the school has.

This departure would most likely last an extended period of time. Leylin made preparations for his advancement outside. He prepared to buy ingredients to brew reactive elixirs and spell models available. As for any knowledge that a level 3 acolyte might require, it had been stored in the A.I. Chip since long ago.

However, the knowledge provided by the professors stopped there. As for the advancement to an official Magus and the basic information for a Level 1 Magus, the knowledge was heavily guarded by the academy. Only level 3 acolytes who have signed a contract with them would have the right to access them.

Leylin headed to the spell models’ shop first.

“What do you want?” The attitude of the old lady behind the counter was even more vehement now. However, Leylin’s good mood didn’t waver. He already knew that those level 3 acolytes had failed in advancing to an official Magus and they had signed a contract with the school, to stay behind and provide basic services. Due to the restrictions in the contract, they could not run even if they wanted to. With the impending battle and the collateral damage that would be inflicted upon them, it would be weird if they had a good attitude!

“Apart from Umbra’s Hand, I want all of the basic spell models for the Shadow and Dark elements!” Leylin put on a very magnanimous air.

The old lady behind the counter looked at Leylin in surprise. After all, such a wealthy level 2 acolyte like him was rarely seen.

“There is a total of 13, for 130 magic crystals.”

“I also want the Basic Transfiguration spell model!”

“That’ll be 140 magic crystals then.” The voice of the old lady sounded from behind the counter.

Leylin nodded his head and poured a bag of magic crystals out onto the counter. The lady counted them and put them away, after which she carried 14 spell books over. Each of them was as heavy as a brick, and they stacked up to almost Leylin’s height.

“It seems like I should buy some horses as well!”

Leylin hired a few servants and got them to bring the spell model books back into his room, and then he returned to the trading area.

At this moment, the trading area was one of the few places that were still bustling with people.

The number of acolytes who came here had also increased. Many premium goods had been put up for sale, attracting the attention of numerous acolytes.

“It seems like even the acolytes have noticed.” Leylin mulled.

It was similar to how, in the forest, a small number of animals would sense danger and take flight before a huge disaster befell them, but other animals would naturally follow when they saw the animals leaving, even if they did not sense any danger.

“However, there are still no magic artifacts here.” Leylin felt a little depressed. He had always wanted to own a magic artifact, but they were just too rare. Moreover, the prices were sky-high, and they would end up in the hands of a Magus every time they appeared. On the occasion that the Magi were dissatisfied with the magic artifact, the level 3 acolytes would all madly rush forward to grab it. Leylin simply didn’t stand a chance.

“magic artifact creation requires alchemy and enchanting, and it’s such a profound subject. I don’t even have enough time to focus on my Potioneering studies now!”

Leylin laughed bitterly, even the A.I. Chip had a limit to its processing. According to Leylin’s previous experience, only when his soul continuously advanced, would the A.I. Chip’s level increase.

“When I become a level 3 acolyte, if I don’t have any other means, I will dabble in enchanting and see if I can create my own magic artifact!”

These stalls that had no magic artifacts did not attract Leylin in the slightest bit.

However, there were still some unusual happenings. For example, the stalls that were selling potions were filled with people and the sale of bows, arrows, and leather armour was also great. But as for the stalls that sold ingredients, they were rarely frequented.

He walked to Woox’s store, which he was familiar with.

Right now, it was crowded with acolytes and they bought any potions that they saw, in a very forthright manner.

Woox was so busy that he was sweating, and had even employed a few acolytes to help him. Such a scene was definitely not common in the past.

Leylin looked around. The potions on the shelves sold very quickly, many empty shelves were labelled as sold out.

Woox’s eyes shone when he saw Leylin. He called an acolyte to fill his position, and especially went to receive Leylin.

“Hey! My dear Leylin, I heard the cries of a skylark today, and I know you will definitely bring good news. So? How many potions? I can give you 10% more than usual!” Woox greeted Leylin cordially and looked at Leylin as if he was looking at a magic crystal.

“My apologies.” Leylin waved his hands, “I’ve been busy with missions, so I haven’t been brewing much recently!”

“This is indeed a tragic piece of news!” Woox sighed, “You don’t know know how good the market is these days!”

“Alright! Alright! I came here to purchase ingredients.” Leylin said and handed a list of items over to Woox.

After Woox received the slip and looked at the scribbles and quantities required, his face changed and bean-sized sweat droplets begin dripping down.

“So many raw materials! Let me see, White Crystals, Purple Vine Radish Roots, claws of a Ghost Goblin, are you trying to brew a Reaction Elixir?” The fatty asked straightforwardly.

“Yes! Indeed! I want to make preparations for my advancement. If you have any completed reactive elixirs in stock right now I’ll buy them off you. You can set the price!”

Leylin spoke casually, the formulas for the reactive elixirs could be found in the library and many people have seen them before. The fatty being able to recognise the ingredients was nothing amazing.

Underneath the reactive elixir ingredients, Leylin had also added the many common ingredients needed for the Azure Potion and Tears of Mary. As for the few important ingredients, they have already been extinct in the Magus World for several hundreds of years, so Leylin did not even bother to write them down.

“The brewing of reactive elixirs is extremely complicated and the success rate is also very low. The demand for it is so high, and they immediately sell out once they appear. How could I still have stock left?” Woox shook his head.

“At least, you Potions masters are better off, you can brew whatever potions you need by yourself. I remember that when I was still a level 2 acolyte, I committed so many crimes just for a bottle of reactive elixir!”

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