Chapter 409

The Completion of the Onyx Castle

Leylin immediately commanded the A.I. Chip again.

[Task established! Initiating simulation, preparing main stats...] The A.I. Chip rapidly operated, and projected a 3D hologram in front of Leylin, which faintly resembled himself.

Apart from gathering and analysing large amounts of data, it could also run breakthrough simulations and obtain concrete probabilities and numbers. This was what made Leylin different from other Magi, who could only make deductions based on rough estimates of probabilities and slipshod experiments, or even through luck! And this was one of the reasons for Leylin’s successful breakthroughs every time.

[Beep! Simulation completed! Conditions for breakthrough: sufficient spiritual force, the bloodline essence of the Corrosive Lizard, three portions of Purple Leaf Snake scaled-fruit, and a complete Vapour Phase spell formation! Success rate: 86.9%!]

The A.I chip presented this to Leylin.

“A close to 90% chance of success is enough!” Leylin clenched his fist tightly.

As they did...

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