Chapter 407

A Plan

‘Huh? Things are going much more smoothly this time!’ Leylin was amazed for a moment, and then fell back into silence.

In the middle of that thought, his spiritual force symbol had entered turbulent space again. An eastern wind soon picked it up, sending it forth into the distance.

What awaited it in the distance was a terrifying fire whose aura was slowly but surely increasing.

Through the response from the symbol, Leylin vaguely saw an incomparably enormous world. Surrounding this world was a membrane of sorts.

“Really? Is Lady Luck on my side?” Although Leylin had his doubts, he continued to dash forwards with his spiritual force.

“Who is it? This is the Blazing Flame King’s territory, get lost!”

A loud rumble was heard, and Leylin felt a powerful aura that caused his symbol to crumble apart.

*Thump thump!* Leylin stumbled a few steps backwards, blood oozing out from both his nostrils.

“What happened?” Robin immediately stepped towards Leylin and supported him.

“I seem to have discovered a world, but was blocked at the edge and attacked...

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