Chapter 406

Interplanar Experiment

“Duke Gilbert has already told me in detail about the dangers related to the astral gate!” Leylin had a smile on his face, but his expression was as resolute as ever.

“But if we don’t communicate with other worlds and obtain their unique knowledge and resources, how can we improve? In the pursuit of knowledge, I’m willing to do anything!” Magi desired truth more than any other being did.

Having seen Leylin’s expressions, Robin let out a long sigh, “In that case, prepare the designated protective gear and memorise the escape spell…”

Gilbert’s basement laboratory, the core of the region.

Scribbles of detailed and complex runes and graphics dotted the four walls. Leylin need only slightly take a glance to discover that there were quite a few high-level runes he himself had yet to see.

“High-level air isolation rune! And this flawed rune pattern! It seems like I have seen this previously in the ancient records of Twilight Zone…” Leylin let out a gasp of surprise, and at the same time...

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