Chapter 405

Internal Affairs

In Twilight Zone, Siegfried had been extremely proud of just the earth-elemental energy particle pool that he had saved up for over hundreds of years.

However, Leylin had basically constructed energy particle pools of various elements, and even made two pools for each element.

This terrifying consumption was enough for Kubler to want to faint.

This was not all. Kubler knew what his master was planning. Not taking into consideration the tower itself and the spell formations for each level, it was the intellectual core that Leylin was planning to make, one using a Domore Crystal and a fourth-grade magic scroll that could give the crystal life.

A fourth-grade magic scroll was not something that could be bought with magic crystals. If not for Leylin’s status as Gilbert’s student, he might not have even found a way to obtain it.

With a tower genie, all the defences of the tower would coordinate with each other. This intellectual being that would only recognise one master would be a great helper for...

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