Chapter 404


The wind blew, bringing about with it a refreshing feeling.

Leylin rode on a horse, looking at the scenery on both sides. Great numbers of farms joined to form a large field which many farmers were working on.

At the two sides of the roads, purification towers could be seen everywhere.

These were specifically to remove the unwittingly emanated radiation pollution from the bodies of Magi. This allowed regular humans ad Magi to exist in harmony.

Robin did accede to Leylin’s request in the end, even sending another Warlock to bring Leylin to his own territory.

“Marquis Leylin, confirmation of your title as nobility and your proof for your territory has been handed down. From hereon, your title shall be recognised throughout the central continent. The plains to the east of the Black Lustre Mountains are all yours. All the regular people living here are automatically your subjects.” The white-haired rank 2 Warlock said.

“Give me the map.” Leylin got off the horse, and Kubler immediately unfolded a slightly yellowish rolled-up map.

With the map, the outline...

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